Plus ça change…

It’s another version, surprise!

The last one was my first dabbling with WordPress and, after extensive reading and twiddling, I believe I acquired a decent, workable understanding of the system.  Then I let it rot.

It’s my way:  Dive in with intense passion to the point where I feel confident and comfortable enough to start maintaining a professional-looking blog and then never write any posts.

My approach last time was to come at it as a journalist — love that word — writing columns for mass consumption.  I reported on events I’d attended and news I’d heard. It was fun and time consuming.  This is meant to be a log, a journal, a testament for my consciousness, an outlet for my thoughts and feelings, opinions and rants. Basically, this writing has to be free-form (at least at first) for me to get into the habit.  This style of prose takes me no time at all… really.

Just wait until I start worrying about meter and rhyme.

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