We took our daughter to the movies on Saturday night. There are a couple aspects to this outing worth mentioning. First, this was Piper’s very first movie (she’s 4 months old) and, secondly, we took her to the drive-in. It turned out that we picked a marvelous movie for Piper’s first experience but I’ll get to that. First I have to talk about the drive-in aspect.

Back in the day, drive-ins were a rage. This, actually, was before my time but they were still relatively popular in my youth. Especially when the double-screen drive-in down on Penninsula Drive (sadly, no longer there) stopped showing porn on the far screen. Did our parents really think we had to go to the restroom that many times during a single 90-minute showing of Ultraman? I wonder… Anyway, by my teens it was a staple for make-out dates and van-fulls of friends, hiding in the back, keeping as quiet as possible in order to fool the lady in the ticket booth. By the time I was working in that ticket booth I knew that lady had never been fooled. Drive-ins are part of Americana that remain dear to me. Just so many good times.

Having Piper’s first movie event occur at a drive-in theater is one of those unplanned, serendipitous and magical wonders that the universe sometimes hits you with. Choosing it to be Maleficent turned out to be a stroke of genius. Now, I know, there are mixed reviews and we aren’t all fans of Angelina Jolie. Personally, I’ve always liked her work but was never one of those guys who thought she was the hottest thing since the taming of fire. She did an excellent job playing the bane of Sleeping Beauty but the magnificence of Maleficent comes from the fairy tale itself. I’m no spoiler, far from it, but the “reboot” of this story from Disney brings it to the forefront of all fairy stories. This is a tale for the modern-day dreamer who truly believes, like myself, that all can be made right with true love’s kiss.

I can’t wait to watch it again when Piper is old enough to enjoy it. What a marvelous movie and what a wonderful memory.