Look Closer

This is the tip of one of those feathery, leaf-type tops of some ornamental grass stalks that they planted around the parking lot at work. Since the building is new, I’m guessing these plants will get to be pretty big but they’re just about knee-high now.

It had been raining one of those misty, sprinkley rains all day and I thought it would be cool to try to get one of those water drop pictures with my new macro lens.  Well, here it is.


Raindrops on ornamental grass

As you can see, the depth-of-field is quite shallow. I was playing with my aperture, stopping my lens down as far as I could given that I was hand-holding on a rainy, overcast day but I couldn’t get much better than f-11 and this shot was wide open at f-2.8.  The lens can stop down to f-64 but I’d have to be shooting near the sun to get a hand-held exposure at that aperture.  I’m pleased with what I did get and surprised I was able to get any of it in focus.

My next step will be attempting to widen the DOF with some focus stacking.

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