Wait, there’s more

I got sick of listening to the radio during my daily commute to and from work. Often I’d listen to Pandora or iTunes instead but I wanted something more engaging so I started searching for podcasts. The TED Talks stuff is interesting but too varied and I wasn’t interested in comedy or editorial-type opinion slinging; I had my fill of that with talk radio. So, I went for true crime. Specifically, Casefile.  It didn’t take too long to get through all the content. I have a long commute and some of the podcasts were fairly riveting so I’d listen to them after hours, so to speak.

With this silencing of my listening binge I continued the search for something, anything upon which to feast and feed my desire for one-way verbal communication. I don’t remember what search criteria I used (it may have been featured in the app) but I quickly found Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History series. Ironically, the first one I queued up was about the rebellion and siege of Münster in 1534. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the podcast was over four hours long. I became, almost immediately, a fan. I was hooked.

After the introductory taste of Mr. Carlin’s intense and expansive exploration of historical events I fell into his six-part Blueprint for Armageddon.  This is an examination of WWI that is so very much more than I could have possibly gleaned during that one week in 11th grade.  I was blown away by how well he told the stories and how passionately he related the human drama from both sides of the conflict. I’ll admit that I’ve always found history interesting so I am biased in that respect but this guy, Dan Carlin, expertly bridges the gap between scholarly historian and dramatic story-teller.  I am now thoroughly enjoying learning all about the ancient Persian empire. You know, the people that fought those 300 Spartans…