Dear diary…

Wait, there’s more

I got sick of listening to the radio during my daily commute to and from work. Often I’d listen to Pandora or iTunes instead but I wanted something more engaging so I started searching for podcasts. The TED Talks stuff


I love spring. I’ve often stated (and strongly believed) that autumn was my favorite season and I do look forward to the colors, smells and contentment that comes with autumn and the harvest festivals. But spring brings the joy of

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A while back, more than a decade to be honest, I heard something that made me laugh the kind of laugh that comes from what I refer to as “smart humor”. In other words, it was cerebral laughter as opposed

Plus ça change…

It’s another version, surprise! The last one was my first dabbling with WordPress and, after extensive reading and twiddling, I believe I acquired a decent, workable understanding of the system.  Then I let it rot. It’s my way:  Dive in with

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